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Pachirisu is love, Pachirisu is life.
- assaultflamingo


- Rocky / drawingsofpokemon (ask another question?)
August 21st 2014
Hey mate, what's your favourite pokemon? Hope you're still on here. Also was thinking of commissioning you for a larger dragonite print. Cheers :)
- gohanisabamf

Yep, I’m still around. I just suddenly have no time and heaps of work and aliens keep trying to abduct me BUT DON’T WORRY. They told me I could stay on Earth if I made them a good enough prom poster. Anyway, shoot me an email if there’s anything you’d like to commission. My favourite Pokemon is Sudowoodo!

- Rocky / drawingsofpokemon (ask another question?)
July 6th 2014
Psst hey, awesome person! Over here! I'm an artist and realism is my specialty, but I still need some help in that area, so I like to look at progress pics. Do you have a link to some? Also, what scanner do you use?
- eclipsetheartist

Hi! Right now all I’ve got for you are process images of the Kabutops drawing and the coloured Bulbasaur, but I’ll hopefully make some better learning resources later on. I use a PIXMA MP640, although I think most scanners that can scan at 300dpi ought to work fine.

- Rocky / drawingsofpokemon (ask another question?)
June 27th 2014

Colouring in is fun.

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June 10th 2014
Real trainer cards don't have a score printed on them! YOU ARE A FRAUD.
- Anonymous


- Rocky / drawingsofpokemon (ask another question?)
May 20th 2014

Quick 15-20 minute sketches. Hoenn hype!

May 12th 2014

No, I’m not dead. Buy prints here!

April 29th 2014

much masterpiece
very archibald prize

April 1st 2014

I’ll just leave this here.

March 16th 2014

A commissioned drawing of a trainer and his favourite Pokémon, Floette.

May as well plug my personal website, facebook and twitter while I’m here.

March 9th 2014

hay guise
This blog features drawings of Pokémon, and intermittently drawings of things that aren't Pokémon.

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